Every Game Console Rumor Heading Into E3 2016 So Far

Posted in Game Console on July 11th, 2016 by admin

Each and every year, there is the E3 convention where game console companies showcase some of their new games and possibly even their new offerings.

E3 2016 is just a few days away and even prior to the event, there are already a lot of rumors that are circulating over the internet.

In this article, I will talk about every game console rumor that I’ve heard or seen heading into E3 2016 so far.

Let’s get started with…

  1. New Xbox Hardware. According to rumors, Microsoft will be releasing a slimmer version of their Xbox One Game console. It is not only the form factor that gets an upgrade, but also the specs as well. I was told that the new Xbox One game console will now support 4K resolution images and videos. Not only that but it will also have a 2TB hard drive right off the bat. Aside from the slimmer Xbox One, there are also rumors circulating about Microsoft’s move to release the successor of the Xbox One next year, codenamed “Scorpio”. Specs to the rumored new game console will probably be disclosed in the upcoming event.
  2. PS 4.5. Sony’s Playstation 4 might also get an upgrade as well. It is currently called the “PS 4.5” but that might change when the convention starts. Rumors state the new PS 4.5 will have a much more powerful Graphics card that can run 4K resolution games without any problems. It is also rumored that the GPU can handle VR applications with ease. I think this rumor is true as Sony is set to release their new VR headsets this coming October.
  3. Nintendo NX. Probably one of the biggest game consoles to ever stir up the internet. Since Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima took the helm, he teased us with a new game console that is currently called as the “Nintendo NX”. The name of the game console is not final so it is just a codename for now. Kimishima is mum about the details of the Nintendo NX but we are probably going to hear some of the details at the upcoming E3 event. E3 is a big event and I think they won’t miss the opportunity to tell the world what the Nintendo NX really is. Is it a portable gaming console? Is it a much more powerful game console than the Nintendo Wii U? Only the company knows for now and fans are clamoring for the disclosure of its specs in the upcoming event.
  4. New Games. Of course, new games will always be a part of any gaming convention. For the Playstation 4 side, Final Fantasy XV is the most anticipated game to be released on the game console. For the Xbox side, Gears of War 4 is spearheading the pack. These are just two of the headliners but there will be a lot more interesting games to follow such as the Call of Duty: Infinity Warfare, World of Final Fantasy, and much more.

People are very excited for the E3 2016 event. I am also pretty ecstatic, especially about the new Nintendo NX. Will we get the chance to know what the Nintendo NX really is? We will hopefully find out at the E3 convention.

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